Name: André Knite

Alias: KNITE

Birthday: 12th August

Ethnicity: Greek

Height: 170+cm

Weight: 54kg

Blood Type: AB+

Zodiac: Leo

Education: Certificate 4 and Diploma of Make-Up and Special Effects, Certificate 4 of Digital Design

Occupation: Professional Cosplayer, Contracted Model and Cosplay Stage Performer

Hobby: Cosplay, Fashion, Movies, Tarot Reading, Games, Photography, Reading, Dance and Anime/Manga

Likes: Raccoons, Coffee, Spicy Food, Drinking, Horror Movies

Dislikes: Spiders, Hayfever, Bullies, Clowns, Porcelain Dolls

  • Sewing

  • Make-Up

  • Wig Styling

  • Prop Making

  • Drawing

  • Fashion Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Dance

  • Performance

  • English

  • Greek

  • Japanese

About Knite
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